Toy Loader

Toy Loader at Work

Had a great hunting season, our group harvested 2 Elks, 1 Antelope and 6 Mule Deer!! The Toy Loader worked Great!! Toy Loader should have an aka name (Game Loader!!!). 2 of the mule deer we had to winch them up out of a creek bottom. The winch work great very happy!! Don Beverly

Toy Loader at Dunefest!

Toy Loader and Lawn Tractors

Toy Loader With and Without Winch

MC Loading Photos

Loading Game with a UTV (Kubota)

Loading a Ski-doo

Toy Loader Mounted in front of Tool Box


Loading the Golf Cart

Loading Filming Equipment

Toy Loader and Bikes

Worlds strongest bike rack!

(What other bike rack can pull up hundreds of pounds of your other toys?)

Bike Rack Option $29.95 each.

Fork Mounts fit 100mm Wide Front Forks w/9mm axles.

COATED HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM, QUICK RELEASE. Includes mounting hardware, correct size drill bit and template for various positioning options.

Another Happy Customer… But this time from Germany !

The toyloader is really awesome. I love it.Here you have some impressions.

Thank you again for the great service (special thanks to Ginny)!

Best regards,

Alex From Germany


Here is a great example of how to use Riv-Nuts in areas when attaching a nut is inaccessible (hard to reach) Matt, our customer has a 2017 Silverado and it has the metal fabricated bed. There was no room to put a nut behind the bed rail for the Mounting Bracket attachment. Looks great Matt, Thanks for the photos.

“Loading the Beast” in Austin, TX

“The beast is Road Ready and it was too easy to load!!! Works perfectly!”

Thanks Randy from Austin, Texas